A Cuerpo is a Theatre Company based in Leicestershire specialising in theatre in Spanish for children aged four to eleven.

Our aim is to support language learning by offering children an opportunity to have fun, use their knowledge of Spanish and immerse themselves in the Spanish language and culture. We endeavour to produce good quality theatre to inspire both adults and children.

A Cuerpo is now touring again and we have some new exciting projects to offer:

Now ready to book: Our Christmas story and workshop. 

We are delighted to announce that we will be touring "La primera Navidad" during the autumn term 2017. A story of the first Christmas told in Spanish using a washing line, pegs and linen. With Spanish Christmas carols, lots of interaction and one or two surprises. Who knows what might pop out of the laundry basket!

Attached to the story we offer a workshop full of the Christmas spirit where the children will have the opportunity to find out about Spanish Christmas traditions and put them into practice. 

"Thank you for our Nativity activity morning. We all had a wonderful time and enjoyed learning about how you celebrate Christmas and New Year in Spain" Class one Croxton Kerrial primary school 

 For any bookings or enquiries please contact us using the details at the bottom of this page.

Coming next in 2018: "The princess and the pea" and workshop

"La princesa y el guisante", our own adaptation of the original story using storytelling, puppets and a set made out of fabric. Introducing key Spanish vocabulary such as numbers, colours, opposites, body parts and the weather. 

 In the pipe line: The return of "El viaje de Matilde". Dates to be confirmed.

"El viaje de Matilde" is a 45 minute theatre performance in Spanish with an original script delivered by native speakers, which incorporates real film footage from Spain, interaction of film with live theatre, as well as puppetry and music. It uses key Spanish language such as animals, numbers, days of the week, introductions and many more...

The main character is a life size puppet called Matilde - an active eight-year-old Spanish girl with a taste for adventure. Matilde actively involves the audience encouraging their participation in speaking, dancing and singing.

“Amazing. It's not often you see something which is unlike anything you've ever seen…It was great to see the kids so engaged” Arts Education Co-ordinator, Nottingham

“Very engaging and an excellent opportunity for pupils who are learning Spanish.” Anne Lindley, Keys to success EIP

El viaje de Matilde is funded by Arts Council England and is a Creative Leicestershire Bursary Winner 2007

Arts Council Creative Leicestershire