A Cuerpo offers Additional Drama Workshops tailored to individual needs, designed to enhance communication, creativity and language skills.

The workshop provides children with an opportunity to develop their creative skills guided by drama exercises and sparked by the content of El viaje de Matilde (Matilde’s Journey). As well as exploring their creativeness, the children will be able to enhance their Spanish language skills.

A Cuerpo’s aim is to meet the individual needs and objectives of each school or venue. For this reason A Cuerpo will discuss the workshop content, length, language level required, number of children per group and the ages of the children in advance and tailor the workshop to each individual requirement.

Examples of exercises included in the workshops:

Warm Up Exercises:
Physical movement as a group to prepare the body and the mind for action.

Group building exercises:
Drama exercises that require the group to work as a whole and to listen to each other.

Trust building exercises:
Through these exercises the participants experience the importance of working with each other as a team. They are given the opportunity to trust and to be trusted by others.

Language exercises: The Spanish language is introduced and then put into practice through games and exercises. The children have the opportunity to gain confidence by using the language in a pragmatic way.

Improvisation exercises:
These exercises allow the children to devise their own work and practice their knowledge of Spanish. The children develop creative and language skills and learn how to listen and speak to others.

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