Feedback 2009

Comments from staff and children from Ambleside Primary School Nottingham after performance in Feb 2009:

"Fantastic" "Really visual so children had a good understanding" "Great lively songs"

"Considering our children have such a low level of Spanish this was a lovely way to engage them and they all had their interpretation of the show"

"Children came to say it was really good" "Impressive set- this with the live videos, children really enjoyed it"

"Good prep and guidance prior to the show"

"100% EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE FOR ALL!" "Can we see it again?!!"

The following are some of the comments collected after presenting the work in progress of El viaje de Matilde on the 19th of June 2007 at Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham.

“Thoroughly enjoyable. The class all said they liked it”
Dunkirk Primary School, Nottingham.

“Very engaging and an excellent opportunity for pupils who are learning Spanish. There was enough for them to recognise and therefore feel involved”
Anne Lindley, Keys to success EIP

“Enjoyable, funny, charming, lively- clearly engaged the children well”
Alan Seaman, Phoenix Theatre.

“I found it highly engaging + enjoyable and educational. It succeeded in engaging the children continually. The theatre technique (puppet + video) worked very well and the technical side was very slick. Good to see high production values for children’s theatre”
Clare Hudson, Creative Leicestershire.

“Very engaging…Support Excellence + Enjoyment agenda in primary schools”
Barbara Nielsen, Notts LA Consultant.

“Good nice story, one that the children will connect with. Matilde v charismatic; good to talk to audience at the beginning...Filming was fantastic – felt I had been to Spain for 40 minutes”
Ellen Bianchini, The Spark Festival, Leicester.

“Energetic and terrifically engaging - I totally believed in Matilde! I think that this show has enormous potential”
Shona Powell, Lakeside Arts Centre, Nottingham.

“High quality, imaginative, fun, magical”
Joanne Dalton, Creative Partnerships, Nottingham.

“Amazing. It's not often you see something which is unlike anything you've ever seen…It was great to see the kids so engaged”
Marisa Blisset, Arts Education Co-ordinator, Nottingham.

Arts Council Creative Leicestershire