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About A Cuerpo

El viaje de Matilde has taken around two years to come to life; this has been possible thanks to the collaboration of artists and professionals from Spain and the UK.

Here is some background information on several people who have collaborated with A Cuerpo developing El viaje de Matilde.

Desiree Grunewald:
Responsible for creating the illustrations of Matilde’s parents used on stage. Des is a freelance illustrator. After she finished her Audio-visual studies at University she qualified in Graphic and Publicity design in Madrid, where she developed her illustration skills. Since then she has commissioned a variety of work for many different clients. For more information on Des visit her website on

Duncan Páez:
Responsible for the filming, editing and creating the promotional DVD of El viaje de Matilde. Duncan is a very experienced editor based in Madrid. He studied media and specialised in audiovisual and performance editing at the Media School C.E.S., Madrid, Spain. Duncan has worked as an editor for several TV channels in Spain since 1998 and has now worked as the Auto Promotion Department Editor at the children’s TV private channel Disney, Jetix, in Madrid, Spain, since 2004. He combines his job with freelancing, producing and editing film with AVID. For more information on Duncan's work please contact him at

Eva Garutti:
Responsible for designing and building Matilde. Eva studied Art and Design until she discovered the world of theatre and puppetry, since then Eva has dedicated herself fully to puppetry. She has worked with several companies in Spain designing and manipulating puppets and now has her own studio where she researches puppet movement, mechanisms, photograph and video. You can find more information on Eva’s work on

Julian Hanby:
Responsible for the lighting design and technical issues of El viaje de Matilde. Julian is a freelance arts worker who pursues a career in various artistic fields. He has provided technical support and lighting design skills for numerous projects in the UK and also in France and USA, specialising in working in non-theatre venues and aiming to create memorable effects with simple equipment. You can find out more about his work on or on

Kelvin Goodspeed:
Responsible for directing the theatrical part of El viaje de Matilde. Kelvin is a former actor and puppeteer of Custard Factory Theatre Company and learning associate practitioner with RSC. He now works as an associate director for Riding Lights Theatre Company in York.

Norval Forrest:
Responsible for composing all the music for El viaje de Matilde. Norval writes and records his own music and songs and has produced many albums and CDs of original material. He plays live a few times a week and fills in on what instrument he can whenever asked.

Susan Páez: Founder, Director and Manager of A Cuerpo
Susan is the main person behind the idea and development of El viaje de Matilde. She also plays Matilde, Rosa and Orejas in El viaje de Matilde. She has studied 20th century non-mainstream practitioners, vocal, physical theatre and devising skills at drama school in Spain and also has a BA (Hons) Performing Arts Degree from Leeds University. Her drama training includes everything from Kelman improvisation techniques to Grotowski's training exercises. She has more recently received training to work specifically in schools with young people. For Susan’s full CV please click here

Susan Thurgood:
Responsible for devising the educational pack for El viaje de Matilde. Susan has 38 years of experience teaching modern languages. She has worked with children in primary age and adults, has participated in seminars on the use of drama activities in the language classroom and has several publications on experiments with teaching techniques, including the use of fun get-up-and-do drama-based activities. She holds an MA in Modern Languages from Oxford University, an Honours Degree in English from the University of Valencia, Spain. Susan has been a member of the Theatre Company The Madrid Players since 1999. For more information you can check their web site

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