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Content of Educational Pack

1. A teacher's guide including the following:

Introduction Objectives
Teacher’s notes complete with comprehensive instructions
Language items to be presented, practised and produced.
Glossary of all the language used in the play in English and Spanish

11. Activities divided into:

Pre-show activities to motivate the children and help them to understand the show by introducing the topic, characters and pre-teaching language items that are vital for them to follow the story. The children will also learn the songs and actions they will use when participating in this interactive show.

Post-show activities to check the children’s understanding of the show and lead on to practice and production of the basic language items presented. There is a wide range of get-up-and-do and other fun activities, including an interview with the actress after the show.

The Activity Sheets provided with the Educational Pack are in full colour and as follows:

1. Jigsaw puzzle of the map of Europe
2. Matilde’s mask
3. Country crossword
4. Whereis it? Drawing actvity
5. Matilde likes/ Matilde doesn’t like pictures
6. Pack of character cards
7. Matilde and her clothes cut out
8. Build Toño, the robot
9. Meet the characters
10. Matilde’s journey board game
11. Colouring by numbers
12. Days of the week word search

111. A CD with all the songs from the show all sung by native speakers, complete with all the lyrics written in Spanish and an English transcript. To listen to a sample song click here.

1V. Matilde’s favourite toy.

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