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Meet the characters

Here are the characters that appear in the theatre performance in Spanish El viaje de Matilde (Matilde's Journey)

Before we move on Cómo te llamas?

These characters will also accompany you in the educational pack, where you will be able to do many different activities.

Maltide: The main character of the show, a cheeky 8-year-old Spanish girl with a taste for adventure. Played by Susan Páez

Toño: A robot built by Matilde’s father, Pepe, Toño takes care of the household chores and has to put up with Matilde’s tricks. Played by Tobi Pérez

Pepe: Matilde’s father. He is an inventor and he is now working on building an instant travelling machine. He trusts Matilde and always asks her to help him with his latest inventions. Played by Guillermo Ortega.

Rosa: Matilde’s mother. She is a hairdresser and not very conventional. She loves singing, but nobody else appreciates her singing voice…Played by Susan Páez.

Hugo: Matilde’s best friend. He’s also 8. Together they get up to all sorts of trouble. This time he helps Matilde find money to buy parts to build the travelling machine. Played by Nacho Gutierrez.

Carlos: Matilde’s uncle. He always comes on a Sunday with the rest of the family to have Sunday lunch. They all spoil her and give her pocket money when they see her. Played by Duncan Páez.

Marta: Carlos’ wife and Matilde’s aunt. Played by Eva Pérez.

Juan: Matilde’s grandfather. He is Rosa’s father. Played by Jóse María Páez.

Dolores: Matilde’s grandmother. She is Rosa’s mother. Played by Yely Gonzalez.

Eduardo: He is the shopkeeper at the sweetshop. He is always very helpful and does his best to find what Matilde asks for. Played by Santiago Romero, Owner of Caprichos, Soria

Ana: She is the shopkeeper at the toyshop. Matilde likes going round the shop looking at all the toys. Ana is also always helpful. Played by shopkeeper at Juguettos, Soria, Spain.

Orejas: He is a dog Matilde meets in her travels. He is quite unusual because he speaks… two languages, which is more than Matilde can. He is a very sweet dog and helps Matilde out when she gets into trouble. Manipulation and voice by Susan Páez.

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