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Sample Education Pack Extract

The teacher draws a piggy bank on the board and asks:

Tenéis dinero ahorrado? Have you got any money saved up?

Cuánto dinero tenéis ahorrado? How much money have you saved?

Es suficiente dinero para comprar los materiales de la máquina de viajar? Is it enough money to buy the materials for the travelling machine?

Necesitáis más dinero? Do you need more money?

De dónde vas a sacar el dinero? How are you going to get the money?

Y Matilde, de dónde va a sacar el dinero? And Matilde, where is she going to get money from?

The children learn the words to the number song.

6. To pre-teach prepositions and adverbs of place (delante (de), detrás (de), encima (de), debajo (de), a la derecha, a la izquierda) and familiarise the children with the names of the parts of the machine Matilde’s father is going to build (passive vocabulary).

The teacher demonstrates the movements and the children learn the words and actions of the positions song. They then do the preposition exercise (Where is it? Appendix 4). The children draw the parts of the machine in the correct places and complete the sentences underneath the drawing.

7. To pre-teach “Me gusta(n)” and “No me gusta(n)”. The teacher fixes these pictures (Appendix 5A, 5B) on the board

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