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A Cuerpo

Hola, bienvenidos a A Cuerpo / Hello, welcome to A Cuerpo

A Cuerpo specialises in creating stories in Spanish in order to help children learn the Spanish language and culture in a fun and immersive way.


A Cuerpo is taking a new and exciting path!!! We will be creating stop motion storytelling videos with interactive activities, and we are planning on touring to our local area (East Midlands)

Our work is designed by Spanish native speakers specifically for UK children aged 3-11.

Follow our blog to find out about Spanish culture and traditions.

For more information click on the link below

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About Us

A Cuerpo
Pronounced Ah Ku-er-po "o" as in orange
Spanish expression meaning exposed to the elements

A Cuerpo was born from my two passions, love of languages and theatre.

I strive to create good quality, interactive, engaging and inspiring stories for children that immerses them in the Spanish language and culture with enough vocabulary for them to recognise and plenty of visual aids to follow the story.

My children have been raised bilingual (and so was I) and I am a firm believer that starting early is crucial for language learning, as well as offering material that interests them and provides a context.

I am half English and half Spanish. I was brought up in Spain and have lived in England for 22 years. I have always felt very fortunate to speak two languages, special thanks to my mum for that gift, and to belong to two cultures, particularly at Xmas when we celebrated Nochebuena (Xmas Eve) and Xmas Day!!! Yum!!!

I studied drama in Santiago de Compostela, Spain and Performing Arts at Leeds University where I was able to follow my interest in theatre and media and gained a First Class degree.


A Cuerpo was born sometime later and I collaborated with other artists and technicians from both Spain and the UK to create "El viaje de Matilde", our first production, which was supported by Arts Council funding.

At present I am very interested in using new technologies, such as VR (virtual Reality), AR (Augmented Reality) and 360 video, as well as traditional video and stop motion-animation. 


I am very happy to announce that I shall be developing a range of online products using these new technologies in the near future and I shall be telling you all about it through my blog. Click below to read the blog!


Susan Paez   Founder of A Cuerpo

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