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An image of a full sized puppet of an 8 year old girl holding her hand in front of her mouth in surprise. In the background there are two illustrations of her mum and dad. The mum has red hair in a bunch with a blue band. She is wearing glasses, a choker necklace with a big red rose. Her dress is orange with red big dots. She has blue gloves up to her elbow and is holding a hairdryer. The dad has very big bushy brown hair with glasses and a small beard. He is wearing a green turtle neck jumper and a scientist overall with lots of different coloured pens in his chest pocket. He has many watches and big red buttons. In his other pocket he has a little mouse

El viaje de Matilde

Matilde's Journey

El viaje de Matilde: Project
Viaje de MAtilde robot Spanish theatre.j

El viaje de Matilde

A Cuerpo's first show"El viaje de Matilde" (Matilde's journey) was funded by the Arts Council, Creative Leicestershire, Social Capital Funding, Nottingham City Council and Melton Borough Council.

It is an original script in Spanish written for UK children aged 6 to 11.

It toured to a range of schools and theatres within the UK in the past and we are now  intending to make it available to more audiences by bringing an adapted script using stop motion animation online. To keep up with what we are doing you can subscribe to our mailing list here. 

El viaje de Matilde Spanish theatre trav

The Story

The main character is a cheeky eight year-old Spanish girl called Matilde.
Matilde leads a normal life, she lives in a small town in Spain with her family, goes to school and has friends...but she is not completely happy, as she dreams of travelling to the jungle and having lots of adventures.
Luckily Matilde's dad is an inventor and he is working on an instant travelling machine...Well, Matilde can't help herself and decides to build the machine herself...
As you can imagine things aren't as easy as they look and Matilde gets into one or two tight be ready to lend her a hand...or a foot!

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El viaje de Matilde video
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The above testimonials are for the theatre performance "El viaje de Matilde".
To read more testimonials click below.

"Amazing. It's not often you see something which is unlike anything you've ever seen...It was great to see the kids so engaged"

Marisa Blisset, Arts Education Co-ordinator, Nottingham

El viaje de Matilde: Testimonial
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