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Past work

When A Cuerpo was first founded in 2008 we toured theatre to primary schools in the UK. We offered theatre performances and workshops specially tailored for children learning Spanish as a second language. It was lots of fun and we loved supporting the kids' learning. 

We are now moving online to continue to support Spanish language learning.

Find out what we are working on by clicking 

Matilde's journey. This is a photo of a moment in the play where Matilde, a full size puppet of an 8 year old girl, is sitting at the table feeding her robot dog the food she doesn't like so that her parents don't make her eat it. In the background there is a giant screen showing a film of a robot working in the kitchen making food.

El viaje de Matilde

An 8 year old girl with spirit of adventure goes on a very unusual journey. Find out more by clicking on the link below 

A little boy in a school classroom. He is dressed as father Xmas and he's proudly showing the Spanish Xmas cakes that are eaten on the 6th of January in Spain. The cake is in the shape of a ring with candied fruits and sugar

Xmas Show

The Xmas story told with a washing line, pegs and linen. Find out more by clicking on the link below

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